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Hear what other clients have to say...

"I whole heartily recommend hiring Angie to guide you through giving birth. She was wonderful to work with. She is friendly, knowledgeable and competent. If giving birth is an adventure through a dark forest; Angie is your flashlight, compass and map! She prepared us ahead of time with what to expect. Armed my partner with breathing techniques and positive affirmations. Then she just appeared at our home when we needed her most (happened to be around midnight). In the hospital she was our advocate when we were weary and confused with our options. Even now, 2.5 years later as I write this, I am overcome with gratitude. Thank you so much Angie; much love."


"I simply adored working with Angie! Her lightness, optimism and sense of humour carried me through much of my pregnancy, my birth experience and my postpartum.Her approach to birth work is grounded in her passion for what she does (supporting mama's + families) and much of our time spent before I gave birth helped me to prepare with confidence. I was gifted with a beautiful + swift home birth and Angie's hands on holds, her loving touch and her anchored presence carried me through a beautiful labour - she had me the whole way! If you are looking for a fabulous doula (who will most likely become your friend) she's your gal!"


"Angie was just the absolute best during our home birth. She was so professional and took so much of the pressure off me. She showed up to the house and just knew how to help. She made snacks, drinks, and most importantly kept my wife’s spirits up through soft motivational words in her ear while I was breathing with her. Having her there always allowed at least one person to be with my wife through the whole birth. When the midwife showed up she did her checks but didn’t really have to be too involved because Angie was doing such a great job. The day after our baby was born she came to the house and cleaned the bathroom completely so my wife could have a clean place for sitz bath. Also for a couple months before the birth she came over a few times to go over birthing positions, swaddling, breastfeeding and birthing options. She is a very organized, motivated, infectiously positive, and caring individual and I would recommend her services to anyone. Thanks Angie. You made our day even more special."


"Angie was absolutely the best doula this new mom could've asked for and definitely worth the investment. As I sit here smiling in bewilderment at my beautiful baby boy, I know I couldn't have experienced such a calm, peaceful and natural home birth without her. Angie was with me each breath, coaching me into the most relaxed state possible, allowing my body to do the hard work. Which it miraculously did!! The birth was just a fraction of her services and help, with home visits on specific topics requested by me beforehand, as well as visits to the home afterwards to check in (she even cleaned my bathroom and prepared the sitz bath for me!!). Such a gentle, patient, intelligent and just overall amazing woman, I would recommend Angie to anyone (silent tears...). Much love :)"


"My birth was an amazing experience with Angie's help. I can't imagine doing the whole thing without her. She was great at advocating for my birth plan. Angie had a calm and collected presence throughout my birth. Not only did she support me, but she helped to support my mother by providing her with suggestions on how to best support me. I never really imagined a birth to be pleasant, I imagined lots of pain. However, Angie supported me to feel empowered and overjoyed with the way my birth went, despite the pain."


"Angie was absolutely wonderful! I met her through a pregnancy class and asked if she would consider being my doula. I’m so happy that I did she was a calm, positive and inspiring presence for me. having her there allowed my husband to relax knowing that I was taken care of. Without Angie my birth would have been extremely traumatic. Through the whole thing all that I could remember and focus on was her soothing voice telling me I was doing great and to keep going. She was literally like an angel. Thank you so much Angie! <3""

- Sandy

"Angie helped my husband and I welcome our beautiful baby girl into the world. Angie was so attentive throughout my labour and her support and encouragement during the birth was unparalleled. She helped me to maintain focus and a sense of calm during some intense moments and even had me giggling through others! Thank you, Angie, for being so amazing!"


"Angie listened to our needs leading up to the birth of my twin boys and helped turn what could have been a scary and high-stress labour into a calm, intimate and wonderful experience. She handled details during my delivery that made it much easier for my partner to focus on being there for me and captured some of very precious moments of us bonding in the first hours of our boys’ lives. I can’t thank you enough, Angie!"


"WORK WITH ANGIE! I seriously couldn't imagine giving birth without Angie there. I admit that at first, I wasn't sure if I needed a Doula, but I hired Angie because of all the research I with better birth outcomes when you hire a Doula. Angie was the beacon during my birth. What I remember most about my birth story is Angie's presence and how much I needed her. Great communicator, tons of resources, a lovely and positive presence!!"


"I didn’t have a doula for my first birth, which did not go at all as I had envisioned.  I was induced early due to HELLPS and had an emergency cesarean. It was all a little traumatic. With my second I wanted to try a VBAC, and I was not going to miss out on doula support this time! It was considered a high-risk pregnancy and my chances of a successful VBAC were low. I ended up having another emergency cesarean, but there was nothing traumatic about it (thanks to Angie!)

Angie was great at tailoring our pregnancy visits to focus on what we really needed. For me, that was help staying calm and positive. I was always calm and positive in my first pregnancy, so it really rattled me when things went (very) wrong in the end. It affected my ability to trust my body; but Angie helped me face those doubts. When the OB cleared me for a trial of labour, Angie was an incredible support (for both me and my husband). And she kept us calm when things weren’t going as we had hoped.

One of the things Angie is really great at is reading your face and body to see where you’re holding tension, and guiding you to release it. She will stop at nothing to make you comfortable, and advocate for you if you’re feeling unsure or self-conscious.

Angie was also an incredible support for us after our birth, going way above and beyond the terms our agreement (which of course should never be expected). She stayed by my side as I was monitored closely for any signs of postpartum hypertensive illness. Her guided meditations, affirmations, and breathing techniques were a godsend when I was feeling overcome with anxiety. I don’t know how I would have faced all that alone (since my hubby had to be home with our first born). 

Angie is just wonderful. I love her, and I highly recommend her!"


"Angie was such a tremendous support during my fast and intense labour. She was very intuitive and always one step ahead in supporting my needs. Even in the chaos, she continually spoke calming and encouraging words to me. Her confidence, both in her own skills and my ability to push through, created an amazing, positive birth experience for myself and my husband. I highly recommend using Angie as a doula!"

- Vanessa

"We loved Angie as our doula. She was professional, sweet, calm and very strong (you want a strong doula at your birth!) We rented her birthing pool which was perfect, and her TENS machine was a must! She gave us amazing affirmations to help with labour and was a lifesaver in the postpartum visits. Highly recommend!"


"Angie is seriously AMAZING. At first we weren't sure if we wanted to hire a doula because we'd heard from a few friends that they didn't think the service they got from their doulas was worth it.

I am SO glad we didn't listen... I ended up having a 36 hour natural birth and I could NOT have done it without her. She literally didn't sleep and was by my side massaging me through every contraction, making sure I was fed, hydrated and comfortable, and provided a ton of emotional support for both me and my partner (before, during and after the birth). At the end of the day once everyone left, he looked at me and the first thing he said "that was messed up, what would we have done without Angie?!"


We would highly recommend hiring Lake Maiden Doula Services for your birth"


"If you are questioning whether or not to hire a doula, do it. When you make the decision to hire one, hire Angie. Angie went above and beyond when it came to our prenatal, birthing and postpartum care. She made me feel comfortable and safe during the whole process. Angie always put me and my husband first, hardly taking a break during my long labor to ensure she supported us the best she could. She is knowledgeable and experienced and always knew what my husband and I needed without us even asking for it. Angie truly made our birthing experience a positive one. Without her I’m not sure I could have done it! We love her and HIGHLY recommend having her join your birthing team!"


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