La Bassine Birth Pool


Float, focus, flow.


Are you looking to labour or birth in a pool in the comfort of your own home, where everything is familiar, intimate, and private? The La Bassine Regular size PRO birth pool helps you get right in the zone, reducing your labour discomforts so you can get into a birthing flow with ease.

The floatation is calming and comfortable, relieving you of your own body weight as you labour, letting you move into different positions more easily, and rest against the soft side.

The warm water not only relaxes your muscles, it also softens your perineal skin to allow more elasticity as you birth your baby, helping to prevent tearing.

The pool has tall walls, an inflated floor, inside handles, and is sturdy and firm.

Included in package: Pool, air pump, water sump pump, disinfecting cleaner and wipes, and instructional guide. Note: liners are still on backorder across the country.

Not included, but recommended*: Hose for sump or faucet, faucet hose adaptor, debris net, tarp (to protect your floor).

*These are not included because they are one-time-use for your pool water, and they must the appropriate length and style for your home's layout and faucet type. Otherwise, a bucket can be used to fill and empty, if needed.

Dimensions: 53 x 60 inches wide, 25 inches tall, 3 inch floor

Weight: 1,004 lbs (when full of water)


Fits 1 - 2 adults


Pool Testimonials

"I rented a birthing pool for my home birth with my son, hoping to birth him in the pool. My dream came true after a wonderful labour at home, from moving from bath tub, to bed, then ultimately to the pool where he was born. I loved how roomy it was, and how we could set it up in a location we liked, with lots of natural light in the living room. My husband and doula (Angie!) kept adding hot water to make sure it was warm and I was comfortable. I used the pool during the hardest part of labour, which really helped alleviate discomfort and pain from the increasingly intense contractions. I would definitely recommend renting one!"

- (Name kept private)

"Having a birthing pool was key in the smooth delivery of my daughter at home. I loved Angie's birth pool, it was the perfect size for our living room and for me to feel much more compfortable during my contractions in active labour. It was so soothing to be able to give birth in water! My daughter came out nice and clean up onto my chest, just amazing! I highly recommend Angie's birth pools if planning a homebirth. It was key to my birthing experience."

- Hannah



Whether you're planning to labour at home or in the hospital, the Elle TENS™ nerve stimulator can be used to help you cope with contractions.

A TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) machine

emits tiny electrical shocks into your skin, stimulating endorphins and blocking pain receptors! Many labouring mamas find this helps with reducing the pain of labour contractions.

Stick the 4 electrode pads on your back at the onset of labour, and turn up the pulses until you feel a tingling sensation. Loop the lanyard around your neck for hands-free portability, and enjoy the rhythmic pulses, turning it up as you go, and clicking the "BOOST" button for a continuous, stronger tingle during a contraction.


The TENS cannot be used in water, but can be removed and re-applied easily as needed. If the pads stop sticking, simply re-hydrate them with a few drops of water.

Women report that not only does it reduce contraction pain, it also provides a wonderful sense of control, rhythm, and focus, which is especially helpful to women who are opting for a drug-free labour.

Works for all contractions, and can be worn as early in labour as you decide, it's not just for back labour!

Elle TENS™ Machine